RAF Brize Norton Planes Handled


Planes Handled

Aircraft handled by 6 MU (with examples where known)

Swordfish Ju.88G 622838/AM3/VK884,
Cloud K3724, 25, 29, K4300 621965/AM9, 621186/AM33,
Gladiator 622461/AM41, 620968/AM47,
Blenheim 622811/AM48
Battle Ju. 188A 180485/AM45
Hampden Ju. 188D 150245/AM35
Whitley Ju. 290A-7 10186/AM6
Spitfire SL616 (Mk. 16), X4596 (1), Ju.52/3MAM102,6567/D- AGAC/
RW382 (16), LA215 (21) AM103
Proctor Si. 204D 321523/AM5, 351547/
Beaufort AM12, 251922/AM13, 221558/
Defiant N1755, N1754, N1792 AM28, AM46, 251104/AM49
Manchester FW.190A 550214/AM10, 733682/
Halifax A.7 PP364 AM75, AM 111, AM230, 584219/
Boston AM29 (2 seater)
Whirlwind FW.189A 0173/AM27
Ventura Ta. 152H 150168/AM11
Hudson He. 219A 290126/AM20, 310109/
Liberator AM21, 310106/AM43, 310215/
Mitchell AM44
Fortress He. 162A 120076/AM59/VH523,
Horsa TL619, TL726, TL615, 120074/AM60, 120086/AM62,
TL248, 440, 441, 442, 475 120095/AM63, 120235/AM68
Stirling Ar. 234B 140008/AM25/VK880,
Spiteful RB516, 17, 19, 20- 25, 140476/AM26/VK877, 140141,
RB527-RB531 140493, 140581
Seafang VB893, VB895, VG471- B£ 110G 730301/AM34, 420031/
VG482, VG486, VG488- VG490. AM85
(Most, if not all of these were handled Bf. 109G 413601 /AM229
by 6 MU) Me. 410A 420430/AM72, 130360/
Fury II K7281 (as instructional AM73, 10259/TF209
airframe 1577M) Bf. 108B 1547/AM76/AM84
Hurricane Me. 262A 500210/VH519
Tempest V SN354 Do. 217M 56158/AM107
Commodore HH979 Me. 163B 310061/AM203,120370/
Monospar ST.25 X9334 AM210, 191400/AM214, 191659/
Tiger Moth BB704, BB857 AM215, 191904/AM217, AM200,
Meteor F.4 VT221, VW263, AM202, AM204-AM206, AM209,
VW264, VW255, 57, 59, 61- 68 AM211-AM213, AM216, AM218
Meteor T.7 WA616, WA631, AM222
WF839, WF851, WF853, WF875, HS-129A
WF879, WA618  


Explanation of German Aircraft Serials.

The first number quoted is the German production or "Werke" number, while the "AM" number is that allocated by the British Air Ministry for Evaluation Flvine



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