History of RAF Brize Norton

History Foreword


The History of Royal Air Force Brize Norton by S. J. Bond.



In its modern role of `Gateway to the World' Brize Norton is probably the Royal Air Force station most often exposed to public view. News films of the Royal Family, VIPs and troops boarding VC 10s bound for exotic destinations to fulfil tasks of national-and international importance are familiar to many. Its other functions are probably not so well known, but certainly of no less significance.

Since its birth Brize Norton has played an active part in the nation's defence. Undoubtedly it was the colour and variety of Brize's past which first attracted Corporal Steve Bond to embark on his research and eventually to produce this history of RAF Brize Norton.

The station has always maintained friendly ties with the surrounding civilian communities whose lives are inevitably affected by the presence of a large and active airfield in their midst. Because of the less transient nature of the civilian population many local people are far more aware of Brize Norton's past than the personnel who serve here. Corporal Bond has drawn freely from a rich supply of local reminiscences to lend colour to his account.

Corporal Bond has been stationed here for 5 years working as an engine fitter. As a zealous aviation enthusiast he has already had several articles printed in specialist magazines and was the founder member of the Station's flourishing aviation society. This book is his most ambitious project so far and one which I commend to all